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How “The Warmest Christmas” Concerts Began, in a Minnesota Winter

At the end of 2008, the nation's economy was on the brink of collapse. Many people were unsure what was going to happen to them and their families. During that time of darkness and insecurity, Kurt Metzger’s words resonated deeply:

“What will make the warmest Christmas? What will make the season bright?” he wrote. “A difference I will make with each new day I live. I won't be one who takes more than I will choose to give.”

At the premiere of his new song, "The Warmest Christmas," (with the boys choir, tenor, and strings soaring higher and higher in the final refrain toward a powerful climax) Kurt received an instant standing ovation. Without exception, that song still moves people to stand and applaud every time it's performed, and it now serves as the grand finale of his annual holiday concerts of the same name.

Kurt has lived in Minnesota for 20 years, and in that time he has written and co-produced a complete musical, a full-length pageant (with two re-writes), a modern oratorio, and a large assortment of pieces for solo piano, string ensembles, choirs, etc. And music is just his hobby.

For the past several years Kurt has performed in and produced the annual holiday concert titled “The Warmest Christmas.” Each year, Kurt composes a new piece of music that is debuted at the concert. And each year, the audience leaves wanting to hear more.

People often ask, “How do I get a copy of that? Where can I find the sheet music?” They are struck by the beauty and power and the emotion it stirs up in them. Kurt's music is not only passionate and rich, it touches listeners on an emotional level.

Word of Kurt's talent has spread slowly from friend to friend over the years. But everyone who gets to know him is impressed by his music and his kindness. Of course, Kurt’s music would not be as rich and full as it is without his family. Their love for him, and his for them, enables him to compose from deep inside his heart. That strong devotion forms the core of his inspiration.

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